The Quarry
Portland Harbour is at the north end of the Isle of Portland which is famous for its stone worldwide because of its unique pale grey colour.  Portland stone can be found in many well-known buildings such as Buckingham Palace and St Paul’s Cathedral. 
The stone has been quarried for many years and although there is little left to remove today the quarries still remain and are a popular attraction for visitors.
The quarry just above Fortuneswell is open for visitors to walk around as whilst doing so people can admire the carvings of local artists commissioned by the ‘Portland Sculpture and Quarry Trust. 
Much superstition surrounds the quarrying of Portland Stone and even to this day old islanders will not say ‘rabbit’ on the island.  This stems back to when men quarrying would see rabbits as a bad omen as they would often appear from their burrows before land was about to cave in, men actually died from having heavy equipment situated above rabbit’s burrows where the land was weaker.
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